Corporate Social Responsibility at Best Star Group means living with our corporate values with the goal of

  • Having minimal impact on the natural environment;
  • Enabling local communities to develop their potential;
  • Empowering employees to be responsible civil society members; and
  • Committing ourselves to ethical business practices that are fair to all the stakeholders

so that we can collectively contribute towards creating a better world for all.

CSR at Best Star Group is based on the premise that the business and its environment are inextricably inter-dependent and focuses on strengthening the organic link between the two. The belief that a higher degree of sustainability can be achieved in business by balancing growth in all aspects of development (financial, natural, social, human and physical) is central to our CSR framework, which is strategically designed to encompass all five capitals in our initiatives.

At Best Star Group, CSR is not merely charity or philanthropy; it is empowering stakeholders to make informed choices that will integrate business imperatives with development objectives.

The Best Star Group, with this sound CSR frame work, has identified Education as a preferred agenda in its efforts. We have gone all out to form a Trust to match the attention it deserves. As part of our Indian Operations we had a long cherished dream to contribute immensely to the society in the field of education and MOHAMED ABDUL KADER EDUCATIONAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL TRUST (MAKE TRUST) emerged as a vibrant forum in Tiruchirappalli, an unassuming rapidly developing city in August 2013, as our flagship Corporate Social Responsibility. Our belief to ‘breathe life into life’ is a powerful message, which demonstrates our Company’s dedication in investing optimal resources and expertise in the field of education. The Trust is all set to promote educational, social and developmental activities for the benefit of People in India.

Mr. I. Ahmed Shafiulla, Managing Founder Trustee and Secretary has taken a modest but a decisive step to serve the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the Society. The genesis of the MAKE TRUST will be an ideal platform to transform his great vision in to reality.

The lofty ideals and the spirited Vision & Mission of the Make Trust is safe in the hands of Mr. A. Mohitheen Batcha, Joint-Managing Trustee.

The Trustees of the Board are basically Philanthropists and serving in Corporate and Business Group.

Mr. Azhagesan, Director is in charge of academic and administrative affairs of the Trust and its associated projects. The Development wing of the Trust, is entrusted with Mr. Stephen, Project Consultant.

Make Academy, one of the wings of Make Trust is primarily a ‘Centre for Self Development and Career Enrichment’ with the main thrust to benefit the Student Community, Corporate and NGO sector.

Tailor made and customized courses, Training programs, workshops, are being offered to develop the skills and competencies of these target group. Some of the Programs of Make Academy are:

  • Communicative English courses for college students and NGO professionals.
  • Resource talks series on various topics relating to self development and soft skills.
  • Workshops on parenting skills, project planning & management.
  • Research methodology.
  • Awareness programs on mental health.
  • Environment and sustainability, etc.

Make Academy has organized various major events like Mega Job Fair’13, Inter-School Competition on Suicidal Prevention and funded program like workshop on empowering change with funding from ASSISI Aid Projects- India.

Make Trust has launched “Nanalgal”- a youth initiative forum and an independent group evolved by students of various colleges who work for social cause and act as agents for social change. The Trust is facilitating various network meetings on general and social issues in the region. It is partnering with many like-minded agencies and corporate groups such as Dalamia Foundation, Arohana, Udhayam, Don Bosco, MNERGA, Free Legal Aid and so on. The Trust is currently undertaking a base-line survey in Laxmanapatti, Pudukottai Dt. with the object of developing long-term projects as part of its CSR and Extension.

Make Trust has now taken up its maiden educational project which is a B-School committed to International standard and in-built corporate culture. It is is under construction by MAKE TRUST in Laxmanapatti, Pudukottai District (Trichy – Pudukottai Road). The college is poised to take-off in June 2015. The B-School is named as MAC Institute of Information and Management Studies (MIIMS). Prof Dr. Rtn. J Sadique, Chairman, Make Trust, has set the goal for MIIMS with a vision that it will impart high quality management education to the students in order to train and develop them into academically superior, technically competent, socially committed, ethically strong and culturally rich citizens by inculcating personal, familial, social, professional, national and global values. He strongly believes that as a Good Corporate citizen Best Star Group should actively contribute for CSR and make it a way of life. MIIMS will be a B- School offering “Education, Training, Research, Extension, Consultancy, Entrepreneurship and Community service” with global perspectives.

The Trust has now graduated to offer a PG Diploma in CSR, undertaking training and CSR initiatives dedicated for Academics/Corporate sectors.

The New Year 2014 is going to be a year of major activities for the Trust with college construction and seeking academia approvals for its final launch in June 2015.

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Mr. A. Mohitheen Batcha
Joint-Managing Trustee
Door No. 103, Pavalam Block,
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Tamil Nadu – INDIA
Ph: 0431 2410443, Fax: 0431 2410415, Mobile: +91 98410 48535
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Mr. P. Azhagesan
Corporate Office: Door No. 103, Pavalam Block, St. Paul’s Complex,
Opp. to Head Post Office, Cantonment,
Tiruchirappalli – 620 001, Tamil Nadu – INDIA
Ph: 0431 2410443, Fax: 0431 2410415, Mobile: +91 94434 22779

Mr. M. Antony Stephen
Project Consultant
Corporate Office: Door No. 103, Pavalam Block, St. Paul’s Complex,
Opp. to Head Post Office, Cantonment,
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Ph: 0431 2410443, Fax: 0431 2410415, Mobile: +91 94864 25879