AC and Heating

Car air-conditioner is comparatively a complex closed system comprising of evaporators, condenser, compressor, fan and other components. We are quiet often confronted with a damaged condenser malfunctioning of needle value due to pollution and a gasket of the compressor requiring immediate change. Our Ac technicians are well equipped to make diagnostics and repair the car conditioners in a limited period of time.

We also offer to refill the car conditioners keeping in mind the stipulations and conditions imposed by the manufacturer. We take special care to remove the moisture and air from the climate system. Be assured that our workshop is a safer destination for you in case you have a troublesome AC system on board in your car.

We also undertake repair and diagnostics of car heating system .You are frequently confronted with a car heater ceasing to work due to breakdown of thermostat or radiator. We also advise on quality anti freeze mixture to avoid car heater failures .Our workshop is fully equipped to address the issues.