About Us

The huge potential of the UAE pharmaceutical Market is impossible for any company to ignore, given the fact that it will be one of the promising sales markets by 2020.Considering the fact that the UAE government has Health Care as one of its top priority area and as the industry is witnessing trends such as acquisition activity, increasing investment, deeper penetration in to insurance coverage and innovation in health care delivery , Best Star Group decided to enter pharmaceutical field in a big way.

Established in February 2012, Best Star Pharma Trading L.L.C in a short span of time has made an unique and enviable progress as a leading distribution company in UAE supplying medical laboratory and pharmaceutical products from various multinational companies in the Health Care industry.

The mission of Best Star Pharma Trading is to promote solid base partnerships with healthcare facilities in the UAE offering quality medication and care to all its citizens and residents.

The company in its modest inventory can boast off more than 1000 products from Medical supplies to pharmaceuticals and consumer health products. Its operation though, presently restricted to pharmaceuticals, has vibrant plans in hand , to graduate to supply of Medical and lab equipments in the near future and thus have three operating divisions namely Medical, Laboratory and pharmaceuticals.

The Pharmaceuticals division distributes wide range of drugs from leading pharmaceutical manufacturers across the globe covering an impressive network of clients in UAE.

The Pharma division has a track record of on time product deliveries of quality latest generation drugs to various hospitals, Pharmacies, health centers and private clinics with its second to none distribution network.

The Think tank of Pharma division has identified veterinary as a promising avenue where in they have plans to converge all the resources. It is likely to boom in to a productive pharmaceutical activity by middle of 2014. A pharmacy, a long awaited dream project of Pharma division will soon go live under the name AL NAJIM AL AFDAL PHARMACY L.L.C in Muwailah, Sharjah.

The Pharmaceutical division is proud of its highly qualified staff on board who are alive to the changing dynamic pharmaceutical market needs and are well informed on the new products to be launched in UAE market. They have an edge over others in giving authentic forecast of the yet to be introduced products to physicians and pharmacies.