Our Tips

This are tips you should always adhere to when traveling.

Leave Your Itinerary with someone back home. Whether you’re single or have a million relatives, leave your travel itinerary with a colleague, friend or loved one. Include all the phone/ fax. Numbers and email addresses for your hotels and your flight schedules. Carry extra copies with you in case you lose it. It’s always a good idea to carry photocopies of your passport, photo I.D. and emergency contacts.

Extra security is never a bad thing
Never travel without a simple rubber door-stopper. It’s inexpensive, light to pack, and gives you peace of mind. The main door may not need it, but if there is an adjoining room, it might have a fairly flimsy lock, especially at older hotels.

Tag it
Make sure you have a secure I.D. tag on all your luggage and carry-ons, including your laptop. Tape your business card to the bottom, with your cell phone number, in case you leave it at security, they can call you at the airport. Also, brightly colored tags or a colorful strap will make your black bag stand out from all the others. It’s a good idea to put your contact information INSIDE your bags, in case your tag goes missing or gets ripped off.

Before you leave home

  • Make photocopies of your itinerary, hotel confirmations, passport, driver’s license and airline tickets and pack them in your carry-on bag.
  • Your emergency kit, which should be packed in your carry-on luggage should contain:
    • Cell Phone with charger.
    • Phone card with a pin you can easily remember. WHY? Cell phones don’t work in some areas and you may need to use pay phones or the phone in your hotel room.
    • Consider renting a satellite phone if you must be in contact with home or the office from ships, mountainous areas or remote locations.
    • Bottled water
    • Filling snack bars
    • Medicine (enough prescription medicine to last 4 days more than your trip).
    • A list of your prescriptions, with their generic names. Brand names vary from country to country.
    • Extra batteries for phone and flashlight.
    • Tiny flashlight.
    • Your doctor’s phone number, in case a hospital or emergency center needs to contact the doctor for your medical history/allergies, etc.
  • Consider overseas travel health insurance. Make sure it covers emergency evacuation, lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical, dental, and life insurance coverage, at the least.
  • Have a Great Trip!