About Us

Welcome to Best Star Group of companies. We are a diversified conglomerate with nine operating companies in UAE.

We have our foot prints in Malaysia in the form of well sought after restaurants, supermarkets and Mobile accessories outlets.

In India we have a beaming Moon TV channel, wherein we are significant stake holders. Best star India Services Private Limited focused on a variety of Business activities and MAKE Trust- are our additional milestones squarely dedicated to promote education as part of our CSR initiatives.

As an organization we value entrepreneurship. We have an inherent ability to spot opportunities, collaborate with partners, and invest in ideas and best of talents for better returns. Many may propagate that product development and innovation can only be achieved by increasing budgetary allocations. We believe in making existing budgets work smarter through an Open Innovation Strategy. At Best Star you access multiple domain experts aspiring to make the best use of the platform provided by us and as a result we grow together.

Our co-partners are our brand ambassadors for quality and innovative engineering at work, to build a more efficient, competitive, technology driven and more responsive organization. We are focused on what is best for our customers rather than what is best for the organization. Happy customers make a successful organization. Customers prominently feature in our future plans, score card measures, innovation efforts, and employee performance.